Date: July 17th 2013

Native Jackets

1913 Shiprock Fair

Dear Friends,

How'd you like to go back in time to the 1913 Shiprock Fair and pick a rug from the Toadlena or Two Grey Hills display?! We don't have a time machine but we do have a rug that may well have been there. The first attached historic photograph shows a rug in the upper right that is the same design as Plate XXII from the 1911 J. B. Moore catalog. This rug is in the Davies Two Grey Hills booth so it is a Toadlena/Two Grey Hills rug of the period.

Our latest acquisition is darn near identical. The only difference is the triangles in the corners are smaller in the rug we are offering. Our rug is 51" x 90", handspun yarn, white, dark brown and gray dyed red bordering the white center diamond. All other colors are undyed, natural yarn The rug is in mint condition with beautiful wool.

So this is as close as we'll get to going back in time and walking up to Davies booth and saying "I'll take that one!" Call 888-420-0005 if you have any questions.

Early Toadalena /Two Grey Hills Rug

Early Toadalena/Two Grey Hills Rug

Historic Photograph - 1

Historic Photograph - 1

Historic Photograph - 2

Historic Photograph - 2


John Andrews

P.S. The three rugs to the left of it are also J. B. Moore Catalog plate rugs.

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